At Team Fusion Fitness, we’re on a lifelong mission to tangibly improve our communities through movement and fitness. There’s a big need for acceptance, customization, and care in the world of fitness, and the ways we can create positive change are practically endless. Our high-quality gear makes it easy to pursue your best self while feeling amazing and contributing to the wellness of others. Below you’ll find our founding team — and don’t forget to read on for bios from Keenan and Miles!

  • Keenan Garcia –     Co-Founder/ CEO
  • Malachi Ceballos- Co-Founder/ Athlete Manager
  • Miles Stallard –       Co-Founder/ Senior Executive Manager

Meet the Team

Keenan Garcia – Co-Founder/ CEO Team Fusion Fitness

27 years old
Dallas Texas
Personal Training cert: NASM National qualification


Training style:

My format for all clients is going to be designed specifically for that individual but what they can expect from my training style is; High intensity training, mind-body connection performance training, 45-60 minutes of H.I.I.T training.
Words to Live by; “Make it hard to spot a General by working like a solider.”




Malachi Ceballos – Co-Founder/ Athlete Manager

A co-founder of Team Fusion Fitness, Malachi grew up highly involved in athletics and fitness. Following this love and passion led him into the health and exercise sciences at Colorado State University. As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and a NPC men’s physique competitor Malachi is truly passionate about improving himself and helping others to improve their overall fitness, whether it is in the gym or in life. He finds joy in helping others succeed. Malachi is very excited to be a leader and motivator in Team Fusion Fitness and can not wait to help impact and improve lives worldwide!!

Words to Live by:  The best Investment you can make, is in Yourself!



Miles Stallard – Co-Founder/ Senior Executive Manager:

Miles Stallard grew up in a small Texas town and currently resides in Dallas Texas and has a degree in medical rehabilitation from the University of North Texas. Miles is a family man and has a beautiful wife Heidi Stallard and a beautiful baby girl Anastasia Stallard. Miles is a self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur at the age of 28. Miles spearheads the partnership between Team Fusion Fitness and Kyani. Miles Stallard has been in the network marketing industry for 3.5 years and is Globally Ranked as a top producer and Million Dollar Earner. With expertise in entrepreneurship, team building, and success coaching Miles is excited to take Team Fusion Fitness to the top of the fitness industry and to help create some of the highest paid athletes in the fitness arena.


Our Team

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